Monday, February 28, 2011

Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet Centerpieces

For our Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts this year, one of the things that I was assigned to do was to make the centerpieces. I figured this wouldn't be to big of deal, because I am best buddies with the internet. I was SURE there would be something great that I could do fast and easily. Ya know just copy some extremely crafty woman. Apparently the extremely crafty women aren't posting their Blue and Gold centerpieces because there were mighty slim pickins out there in cyberspace. I decided that I would go out on a limb and come up with my own idea. Now I was a little nervous because I don't do this very often.
I ended up going to The Wood Connection and buying some dowels, dowel stands and some 5X5 square blocks (If you had a way to drill a hole in the blocks of wood, you could do this yourself). I had them drill a hole in one corner of the block turning the shape into a diamond. I then printed off some clip art from here, and Mod Podged it onto a blue painted square.
Right in the middle of my project, Josh came home from a business trip so I interrupt this serious scout centerpiece tutorial for some serious cuteness. Josh always brings us home a treat when he is out of town. Usually it is just something small, but it keeps the boys okay with the fact that he is gone, because it is extra fun when he gets home. Just something he likes to do, and I LOVE it.
He went to Phoenix and brought them home gummy cactus'. He brought me home chocolate. McKay and I shared (and Josh :) and McKay has found a new love.
Well, after the diamonds were all dried I put them together with a couple of pieces of ribbon. The centerpieces cost about $5 a piece and I love the fact that we didn't throw them away after the banquet was over, we will use them every year.
So even though a lot of Blue and Gold banquets are over, hopefully someone will find this useful and have a pretty easy idea for centerpieces next year.

To display them on the tables I just punched out yellow polka dots for the blue tables and blue polka dots for the yellow tables and scattered them around.


Ann Nelson said...

Wow, these are so neat. Wish I had just a tenth of your creativity.

Shannon King said...

I love it. Our blue and gold is coming up next month and we should have enough time to make these. The ones that you can buy at the scout shop NEVER stand up for us. My youngest is a wolf and my oldest a Webelo 2. He is about to cross over but I still have a while with the youngest. Thank you so much for this great idea!

The Wrenns said...

Just found this while Googling for centerpiece ideas--thank you so much for sharing. I hope you don't mind that I pinned it through Pinterest for others to see.

Gig 'Em '99

Nelson Family said...

Thank you for your comments! I am so glad that you found this useful! Of course I don't mind you pinning :)

Beth said...

These are great! Thanks for the great idea.

Terri said...

I just finished making them tonight. Easy and cute. Thank you so much for posting it.

Terri said...

I just finished making them tonight. Easy and cute. Thank you so much for posting it.